Quick Poll on Forums


So, given how much of a pain the forum software is turning out to be and the amount of time I have to look at, does anybody else think something like a members facebook group would be a better choice for discussion?


    • I don’t know 🙁

      I think I will move it over to a facebook group tonight. It would be nice to run my own forum but getting facebook to handle that part of it is probably simpler.

      I wonder if I could add a “secret code” to the end of the magazine and make the code the requirement to register to join the group?

  1. I suppose you could do that, since ebooks can be updated or redownloaded. Can you have password-protected groups in Facebook? As far as I can tell, you can have public groups, closed groups and secret groups. A closed group looks to be what you’d want, so people can find it easily without automatically being able to join. You’d have to have a description that tells people to ask to join with the code in their request.

  2. Of course another possibility might be to ask for a subforum in an existing forum community, such as a guest section at Theologyweb, since some people don’t like facebook.

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