More News, Issue #2, Thank you and Forums!


Thanks everybody for the support. Issue #1 is still selling, if you can review it or know someone that could do a review please contact Still shy of the break even amount but moving in the right direction.

Issue #2 is coming along, payments are starting to go out, and the issue will be out in the next few weeks. I will try to get it up for pre-order a few days early. It helps on Amazon sales ranking to pre-order it, so if you Kindle it and are planning to pick up a copy that would be helpful when it is available. You wont have to wait months for it.

Thanks to everybody who has added a review on Amazon and thanks for the great ratings!

Finally, forums are here, but kinda empty. You can find them at” and the categories are set up and I will attempt ot create some posts tomorrow. It should work with the same login as for the blog as it is all integrated. Thanks to Mario from the ever helpful Site Opus if you ever have web design needs!


  1. Great news! The nice thing about web publishing is that issues can continue to sell: you are not limited to making it on one print run.

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