I need a section separator for stories! Any ideas?


This might seem kind of trivial but it has been one of those things banging around in the back of my head for ages.

I have been using a # between sections of stories (where they don’t have chapters or something) in the magazine and I was thinking that I need something better than that. I can you are wondering what am blathering on about, have a look at this Daily Science Fiction.com story. The patterned swirl between the sections, I need to find something like that for Sci Phi.

Any ideas?


  1. I think three small graphics would work well.
    Perhaps three classic finned rocket-ship outlines. Or three ringed planet outlines. Or maybe a black-and-white image of a scroll.

    • I agree. Over time, you could accumulate a variety of little SciFi/SciPhi icons to use as dividers, in addition to a rocket ship and a ringed planet:

      – ray gun
      – Erlenmeyer flask/smoking beaker
      – bug-eyed tentacled alien
      – little bitty ‘the Thinker’ by Rodin

      Then, use the one or ones that best apply to the story.

      But then, maybe these would be better for the ends of stories/essays rather than in the middle, as they might be too distracting. A curlicue might work better mid-piece. But I bet your friends and contributors could cook up a bunch if so desired.

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