Sci Phi Journal is closed to submissions of unsolicited non-fiction for the immediate future.

SPJ publishes articles that represent facts (as far as anyone knows them) and opinions, but we do not generally pay for unsolicited non-fiction.

We are especially keen to hear from writers who wish to submit non-fiction articles on a regular basis. Writers that can be relied upon have the opportunity to see their work presented as a dedicated column. Anyone wishing to pitch a series of articles should begin by offering an outline of what their series will be about.

SPJ also publishes one-off articles. Writers who have already written a suitable article may send it to us, without needing to query us first.

Our guidelines for non-fiction are much looser than for fiction submissions. Feel free to surprise us. We will consider anything from a doctoral thesis on the implications of Kant’s categorical imperative for the ethics of alien civilizations to the operating manual for the space rocket you built in your backyard. Or perhaps you might send a review of a book you just read or a science fiction game you enjoy playing.

All submissions should be made electronically using our standard form. The submissions form is currently unavailable as we are not seeking new unsolicited submissions at this time.

The submissions form can be used to describe the article, series or column you would like to write for SPJ, or you can submit a completed article, if you have one. Attached documents should be no more than 1MB in size, and must be in one of the following formats:

  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .odt
  • .rtf

An automated email confirmation will be sent after you have made your submission. We will aim to respond within a month. If you have not heard from us within two months of the date of submission then please use our standard contact form to query the progress of your story.