Ben Zwycky, EditorBen Zwycky is the Editor of Sci Phi Journal.

Ben is an English ex-pat living in the Czech Republic. Before, during and after obtaining a master’s degree in chemical engineering, he worked as a hospital porter, research assistant, cleaner and server in a Salvation Army community centre, EFL teacher and currently works as a proofreader, editor, author and occasional singer/songwriter. He has published two novels and two poetry collections, is a frequent contributor to Hugo-nominated, and is on the editing staff of Superversive Press. He has also had work published by the Society of Classical Poets. He is a founding member of the Superversive Literary Movement, and a member of the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance.

At the beginning of February of 2017, he broke into the top 100 science fiction authors on Amazon, reaching a rank of #82 for authors of science fiction books.

Publications Authored

2014 Nobility Among Us: self-published
2014-2015 Beyond the Mist serialized across Sci Phi Journal issues 2-8: Sci Phi Productions
2015 Selected Verse: Faith and Family: self-published
2016 Beyond the Mist full novel: Sci Phi Productions
2016 “Seasons”, Society of Classical Poets Journal 2016 vol 4: Classical Poets Publishing
2016 Selected Verse: Heroes and Wonders: self-published
2016 “Red Dwarf’s Inquisitor and Judgement Day”, Sci Phi Journal 2016 Q1: Superversive Press
2017 “The Razor Blade of Approval”, Forbidden Thoughts: Superversive Press
2017 “The Beast”, Tales of the Once and Future King: Superversive Press

Publications Edited

2015-present: Sci Phi Journal from Issue 7 onwards
2016 The Product by Marina Fontaine: Superversive Press
2017 Forbidden Thoughts: Superversive Press
2017 Doctor to Dragons by Scott Huggins: Superversive Press
2017 A Greater Duty by Yakov Merkin
2017-present: Astounding Frontiers from Issue 1 onwards


Some of Ben’s original songs and promotional videos he’s made for Superversive Press publications can be found at his youtube channel: