Lazlo and Laroux

“No more coal for the boiler—it’s all gone! No more oil for the burner—it’s all gone! Dragons charged up in the sun—come get one! You’ll get hiss hiss hisssss STEAM HEAT!” I’d waited so many years to turn on a television again. When there were hundreds of channels blaring day and night, I never watched. Now we have only one channel. You’d think people would get bored with it, but they watch just to see my commercial. To see the dragons dance. Who knew? But I gotta tell you, when they spread their wings and claws, it gives you a whole new appreciation of jazz hands. The first time I saw Laroux and the Leaping Lizards perform Cell Block Tango, I wept for joy. When it became clear the fossil fuels were about to run out, I was one of the elite who shut themselves up in think tanks to survive the social ruin we knew would come. While the masses went about beneath the smog-blackened skies, blissfully unaware of the doom awaiting them, we stockpiled … [continue]