In Memoriam

Unfriending and clicking on ‘block sender’ doesn’t work on journalists; Yolanda should have known that. I soon found out she’d run from Edinburgh and joined the Carford Unit for Advanced Cognitive Sciences, in England. And … [continue]


From Inside Out: Seeking a Dialogue Between Writers

Today’s Sci Phi Journal takes the unusual step of publishing two radically different stories alongside each other. We presented them together because they represent divergent views about human nature. Karen Ovér’s “Lazlo and Laroux” is a fantasy involving dragons, but her underlying position is that life would be blissful were it not for a tiny minority who spoil the world for the rest of us. Patrick S. Baker’s “Red Vet” is a gritty alternate history that … [continue]


Lazlo and Laroux

“No more coal for the boiler—it’s all gone! No more oil for the burner—it’s all gone! Dragons charged up in the sun—come get one! You’ll get hiss hiss hisssss STEAM HEAT!” I’d waited so many years to turn on a television again. When there were hundreds of channels blaring day and night, I never watched. Now we have only one channel. You’d think people would get bored with it, but they watch just to see my commercial. To see the dragons dance. Who knew? But I gotta tell you, when they spread their wings and claws, it gives you a whole new appreciation of jazz hands. The first time I saw Laroux and the Leaping Lizards perform Cell Block Tango, I … [continue]


Red Vet

1947, Los Angeles, California, USA Mickey Holloway felt the tap of the nightstick on his shoulder before he caught sight of the two cops out of the corner of his eye. “Let’s see it, red vet,” the older cop growled. “See what?” Mickey said in a calm, even voice. “Come on, red vet,” the younger cop piped in as he tapped Mickey’s red skull and cross-bones armband with his nightstick. “You know what’s up.” Mickey sighed and slowly pulled out his wallet. Then equally slowly extracted the two cards he was required by the Veteran’s Control Act of 1945 to have at all times. He handed them to the younger officer. A small crowd gathered … [continue]